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Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Process

High Quality Professional Virtual Assistants

The process to become a Virtual Assistant is not quick!



We want to make sure you are completely committed and have the skills required before we set you up with a client. Within 3 weeks of submitting your employment screening, you will receive a testing packet.


This will test your basic computing skills, will include 2 typing tests, Microsoft Word, Excel and if desired to work in areas of PowerPoint, PhotoShop HTML, PHP, JAVA, MySQL, etc., you will be tested in those areas as well.


There is no cost for the testing and you can take the tests as many times as you need to achieve desirable results.


Once we receive your results, we will evaluate your test scores and build a profile. Your profile is used to match your skill set with the needs of clients. Since this is a dynamic environment, we can not pin point the exact day you will begin to work.


Virtual Assistants' with higher test scores and track records are prioritized. Our function is the service we provide to our clients and at all times we keep their best interest in mind.


Once we do find a match, we will setup a 'warming' call, were you will get to know your potential client and they will get to know you. This is a good time to ask questions, as to the industry, scheduling, workload, deadlines and the overall needs of your potential client. You want to make sure you are ready, comfortable and understand what is asked for.


In most cases, clients move forward with the job candidate we proposed and you will begin to receive your instructions and begin to setup your work environment and schedule.


Virtual Executive Assistants; Comprehensive Training and Testing

Environment of Success

What It Means To Be a Virtual Assistant !

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