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Virtual Sales & Virtual Sales Support

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Email Prospecting


Email Prospecting


Email Campaigns are the least expensive form of customer acquisition.


We can also integrate multiple email campaigns enhancing your relationship with your current or previous customers, to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.



Email Prospecting


Cold Calling


Cold Calling can be one of the toughest and timely tasks, it takes thick skin, and talented sales people to develop sales pipelines.


Increasingly, initial stages of sales and appointment setting are outsourced, allowing for a higher earning yields.





Lead Generation


Lead Generation


Lead Generation is the heart of any sales organization, leads lead to sales and profits.


Lead Generation can be obtained in several forms including directly via phone, email, research, and web acquisitions from web based e-marketing.









Understanding your climate and finding the right niche can be the break your business needs. Are you introducing a product, service, idea, or an initiative?


Want to know your obstacles and objections or seeking improvement on something existing?




Inbound Calls


Inbound Calls


We are able to handle your inbound calls 24/7.


We specialize in customer acquisition, customer retention and customer care.


We offer our clients the highest quality service in every call, maintaining a high professional standard


Connect to Your Audience




These offerings can involve a range of assistance:



Technical Help

Product Support

Processing Support

Order Processing


We will generally also check back with customers to see if they are satisfied, going as far as to schedule a call-back time.



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