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Virtual Staff Benefits



Turn this job into a Career Opportunity


Remote Staffing Saves Employees Money

Effective Solutions to lowering employee payroll and increasing company profits by improving employee effectiveness.



Working Remotely Saves the Employee Money.

How those savings can be passed on to your company ?


For most employees, by just eliminating the need for these services and products is sufficient enough, as not only its something they dont have to pay for, but the time and scheduling it requires in their already busy schedules. When it it comes to food, coffee, and snacks, we all know, that what we may pay for in a day in restaurants, the cafe, or the local food truck is sufficient for groceries for your week. Plus we almost always eat better at home.


Gas: $686 saved per year

How we reached this number: The average worker spent about 52 minutes commuting to and from work in 2015, roughly 30 miles each way, according to federal data. Nationwide, the average cost of gas is about $2.90 per gallon as of this report, according to AAA figures.

Assuming you average about 25 mpg, you can save over $700 a year on gas by not commuting to work.


Car Maintenance: $767 saved per year

How we reached this number: An estimate by AAA put the average annual cost of car upkeep at about $767 per year, based on routine factory-recommended maintenance and repairs.


Dry Cleaning & Laundering: $600 to $1,500 saved per year

How we reached this number: While dry cleaning costs can vary by region (and including variables like the higher cost to clean women’s shirts compared to men’s), the average household spends about $600 per year on dry cleaning, but another says that women spend on average $1,500 per year.


Lunches & Coffee: $1,040 saved per year

How we reached this number: You may already be painfully well aware that eating out for lunch and buying coffee frequently can add add up fast. This is a discretionary cost that can amount to hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. Say you have a relatively cheap lunch out twice a week, paying $7 each time, and you purchase a $3 cup of coffee twice a week. That would be $20 a week, or $1,040 a year—not an insignificant figure.


Professional Wardrobe: $925 saved per year

How we reached this number: Bureau of Labor Statistics research on consumer spending patterns shows the average amount spent on apparel in 2015 was about about $1,850. Let’s assume the average professional worker spent about half that amount on clothing for work. That amounts to $925 per year.


Tax Breaks: $750 saved per year

How we reached this number: If you work from home, you can deduct your home office, taking advantage of recently streamlined IRS options that apply to home-based workers.

If your home office deduction is $3,000, you can lower your tax obligation by $750.



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Virtual Staff Efficiency Report

Changing Office Technology


Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistant is a career for our professionals


Printers are used 41% less


Desktop PCs are used 34% less


Desk Phones are used 44% less


Fax Machines are used 77% less




Hardware has given away to software and software has moved to the cloud, moving the traditional phone system to VoiP, and a variety of applications that allow you and your staff to work from anywhere using wifi.



Benefits for Remote Employees



Benefits for Remote Employees

Remote workers suffer fewer illnesses, less contact with sick co-workers and 1/4 of remote work employers report improvements in their employees health.


Benefits for Virtual Employees

Remote workers experience more success with healthy nutrition habits=eat healthier meals, less inclined to consume fast food lunches, and more time for exercise


Remote Jobs Saves Employees Money

Remote Work saves employees $7000 per year and even on housing because of location flexibility.



Virtual jobs create Work Life BalanceRemote Work allows for mote time with family, friends & leisure=an extra 2-3 work weeks of free time a year, time that would have been spent commuting.


Remote Jobs reduces StressRemote work reduces stress remote work reduces stressful commutes, workers less likely to suffer stress related illnesses.