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Virtual Staff Benefits




Benefits of a flexible work place


Remote Staff Flexibility

Effective Solutions to lowering employee payroll & increasing profits.




Managers are challenged to develop strategically flexible organizations in response to increasingly competitive marketplaces. Fortunately, a new generation of information and telecommunications technology provides the foundation for resilient new organizational forms that would have not been feasible only a decade ago.

One of the most exciting of these new forms, the virtual team, will enable organizations to become more flexible by providing the impressive productivity of team-based designs in environments where teamwork would have once been impossible.

Virtual teams, which are linked primarily through advanced computer and telecommunications technologies, provide a potent response to the challenges associated with today's downsized and lean organizations, and to the resulting geographical dispersion of essential employees.

Virtual teams also address new workforce demographics, where the best employees may be located anywhere the world, and where workers demand increasing technological sophistication and personal flexibility. With virtual teams, organizations can build teams with optimum membership while retaining the advantages of flat organizational structure.

Additionally, firms benefit from virtual teams through access to previously unavailable expertise, enhanced cross-functional interaction, and the use of systems that improve the quality of the virtual team's work.


“Even the personal benefits workers experience can be viewed as employer benefits since workers tend to be happier, less stressed out, and healthier, thereby bringing down the costs of turnover, absenteeism, lower productivity, and other issues.”

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AT&T has utilized remote staff with success

Workers at AT&T work 5 more hours a week at home than their office-bound counterparts.




Sun Micro Systems increases productivity with remote staff


Sun Microsystems found that employees spend two-thirds of the time they save by not commuting doing work for the company.



American Express Recommends Using Remote Staff

JD Edwards and American Express telecommuters are 25% and 43% more productive than their office-based counterparts.



Compaq Increased Productivity Using Remote Staff

Telecommuters at Compaq, Best Buy, British Telecom, and Dow Chemical have all shown to be as much as 45% more productive.



Cisco Systems has used Remote Staff for 30 Years

According to a Cisco study, the company saved $277 million per year from telecommuting employees.





Virtual Staff Benefits

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Employee Efficiency and Productivity


Employee Efficiency and Productivity

Worker Effectiveness


0-4 Hours - 50%


4-8 Hours - 32%


8 + Hours - 18%




Hours per month spent on job-related learning



How Employees Spent Their Time


Virtual Staff use the flexibility of the virtual environment becoming more productive amd efficient.Employee Efficiency


Hours per week spent helping co-workers with job-related problems 


0-4 Hours - 31%


4-8 Hours - 36%


8 + Hours - 33%