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Employee vs Contractor Comparison


How do I know whats
the right type of hire for me?


Is this a full time, part-time, seasonal job or is this a short term project?


Do you need a person at your location? Why?

Can your employee complete tasks online or though a portal?


How many hours do you need weekly?


Is this an on call position or do the hours vary?



There are several ways at looking at this. What is the position your company is looking to fill and how do you conduct business, but with most businesses now days unless you have a store front that services clients or sells products the position you are looking to fill can be managed remotely.


Also is your business expanding, replacing, or are you looking to downsize? Still again a virtual employee and virtual staff can fulfill all these needs. Do you feel that your business doesnt have the technological infrastructure to work remotely?


You may wonder why we keep coming back to remote based employment and staffing and by now you may already know, companies such a Intel and Hewlett Packard have utilized a virtual workforce for over 20 years now, and over the last 10 years virtual staff has become a growing trend in how companies of all sizes staff and manage their payroll.


Unless you need an employee at your physical location a Virtual Assistant can be answer to all your needs. Our Virtual Assistants can manage a variety of tasks, from general office and clerical tasks to more specialized complicated web and tech based tasks and projects.


Virtual Assistants work in as little as 4 hour blocks, so there is no large financial commitment. Keeping your risk and overhead down. Virtual Assistants work different set hours, and give you lots of flexibility. You can also hire specialized Virtual Assistants that will complete specific tasks for your marketing, Support your Sales Team, Update and manage your websites or social media marketing.


There is no limit for the ways you can utilize a virtual assistant. They are a great fit for busy individuals small businesses, mid size businesses or large corporations.


Virtual Assistants can utilized seasonable by project part time or even full time. Since they are contracted through Silicon Staffing they pose no risk to your business, no medical benefits, employee taxes, and other variety of other Human Resources risks that your company needs to guard against.


Virtual Staff is just like traditional based full- time or part-time employees, the only difference is they work from home or a home office.


3 Virtual Staff Benefits


Better Stronger Candidate Pool – Instead of selecting from candidates from your local area, you are selecting the best candidates from across the nation.

15-25% Lower Salary Base and No Benefit Costs– A company in New York would easily save over $20,000 on payroll by hiring a candidate with the same educational and work experience background based out of Virginia or Connecticut where the cost of living is much lower.


Stronger Employee Dedication-Remember we all work for those precious moments, employees covets the virtual positions as it gives them the freedom to manage their lives and be apart of important family events. There is no motivation or speech stronger. Virtual positions have a 62% lower turnover rate that traditional based positions of the same industry.


Having a virtual staff is the ideal step for almost any organization and position in your company and if your business is not on a cloud based system already, you will be surprised how easily you can transition or expand your business to meet the standards needed to have a virtual staff.


If your business has a need for an employee at your physical location, a Traditional Hire is the best option for your business, your company can do a Direct Hire through Silicon Staffing which places the employee on your payroll as your employee or can contract an employee for up to 1 year through Silicon Staffing saving your company thousands in tax liability, medical benefit costs, and other employee related costs.


Silicon Staffing has many top rated job candidates that are screened, qualified, verified, and are ready to interview. Assess your staffing needs or Contact Us and lets get started.



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Virtual Staff Efficiency Report

Types of Employees



data driven employees

The 'A' personality is normally not very detail oriented, choosing to delegate details to others. They are usually very goal oriented and practical in their solutions. However, arriving at their solutions and goals will entail a no-nonsense, "bottom-line" approach.


"A" personalities don't like a lot of restraints or restrictions placed on them, preferring instead to work independently and set their own schedules. Since they often tend to be a workaholic, it is not unusual to see them put in whatever time and effort it takes to accomplish their goal.


emotionally driven employees

The "B" personality is a very outgoing, energetic and fast paced individual who likes to be around people and enjoys being the center of attention. They are good relationship builders and most people like them right away. Their driving need is for approval, so they try and like everyone in hopes everyone will in turn reciprocate and like them too. Compliments, acknowledgement of their achievements, words of admiration and even applause from groups will be the most important thing you can do for them.



detail driven employees

The "C" personality is a very detail oriented individual that likes to be involved in things that are controlled and stable. They are interested in accuracy, rationality and logic. People who can't seem to control their emotions will bother them because they believe being emotional makes objectivity difficult or perhaps impossible. They will also dislike being around people who are full of "hype", since they desire facts, accuracy, and logic. Other people's emotions may not be a priority for them as they tend to strive for the facts and "let the chips fall where they may".



idea driven employees

This personality type is naturally a problem solver. The "D" personality is driven by innovation, advancement, growth and learning. They are naturally very curious and they use their curiosity in discovering ways to be more efficient through improving processes, creating new ways and routes to solve problems.



Employees vs Contractors

Remote Based Offices Reduce Employer Payroll, Turnover and Profits .


remote staff is efficient increase staff efficiency

Control Hours and produce a more efficient payroll structure







virtual staff reduces overhead reduce business overhead costs

Reduce Real Estate, Office, Equipment and maintenance fees.







Remote hiring leads to better employee pool High Caliber Candidate Selection

Hire a Higher Caliber Talent that needs less management and is specialized.







Reduce Business Risk by using remote staffDecrease Business Liability and Taxes by using remote employees

24/7 availability with no employee tax or insurance liabilities







Diversify your staff and business plan with remote based employees Specialized Remote Staff can be the key to your bottomline success

Diversify your staff and find key personnel components.