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Virtual Staff Communication

Tips to Stay Connected

Virtual Communication Tips for Remote Staff



Today’s technologies have opened up the possibilities of building a virtual team in ways we couldn’t have imagined – even five years ago. Although we operate from a business office, the entire Silicon Staffing team is virtual, and we love it.


But working with a virtual employee is very different from sharing a physical office space, and successful virtual employees and employers are the ones who address those differences head-on. Here’s some tips on keeping your virtual employee connected:



It’s quantity that matters when it comes to communicating with virtual employees. Communicate regularly with your virtual employee, using as many channels as you can. Regular phone calls and video chats with your virtual employee will go a long way towards keeping you connected. There’s just no substitute for hearing each other’s voices and seeing faces.



Since we are US based and can make adjustments to your time zone we can have live, instant communication at almost all times. You will be able to call, email, live chat, or video message your virtual employee.


Your Dedicated Virtual Assistant will be able to respond to emergencies as your secretary would. We understand that ever changing business demand needs fast immediate response.


Team Spirit

There are more tools than ever to help your team connect, wherever they might be – conference calls, Google+ Hangouts, and Skype video chats help people put faces to names and build your team’s cohesiveness.


Todays ability to be able to communicate effectively being able to have face to face meetings, web conferences, sharing information and being able to remotely control each others computers or access to viewing of the others desktop makes a building a cohesive team, and communicating incredible easy and attainable.




Remote Hiring and Management

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Virtual Staffing

Virtual Staff Management

Virtual Staff Management . Priority is your team.


for your staff


Put authorities under constant review, as what is important today might not be as important tomorrow. Your team must know how the context changes, so you can adjust the plan accordingly


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of All Possibilities



This should not be confused with responsibility. Teams can share accountability, but individuals within a team are responsible for getting tasks done.




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