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Hiring Virtual Staff & Virtual Staff Management

Business and Human Resources Services


Silicon Staffing Human Resources  Solutions



Business and Human Resources Services



Virtual Assistants from Silicon Staffing

Virtual Assistant

From Soccer Mom's to Large Corporation can benefit from Specialized Virtual Assistants


Screened, Trained, Tested, Verified

Ready to Interview

US Based and US Educated

Specialized by Industry and Skill

Fast Setup Process

Hire in 4 hour blocks

As low as $10.50 an hour



|| Virtual Assistant Hiring Process || Seamless Transition || Communication & Management ||

Remote Staff from Silicon Staffing

Virtual Staff

Remote Teams can power a small company or can be an extension of large corporation.


Screened, Verified Ready to Interview


Benefits of a Virtual Staff

Effective Efficient and Highly Productive

High Talent Candidate Pool

Reduce HR Risk

Add Flexibility and Reduce Payroll

Increase Profits


Direct Hire's from Silicon Staffing

Direct Hire

Remote or Traditional based employment recruiting.


Local or Virtual

High Caliber Job Candidates

Expanded Career Profiles


Fully Verified

Ready to Interview


Accounting, Finance, Tech, IT, Admin Support