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Hiring Virtual Staff & Virtual Staff Management



Hiring the wrong job candidate will drain your patience, your time and essentially your bottom line.

Seamless Transition.

We pay attention to detail, we follow up, we make it easy, and hands off because our staff spends the time and energy to make sure it it seamless.



An old Buddhist saying states; This moment is as it should be. This means that the results you are getting today are exactly as you should be getting them based on what you did yesterdays ago.

So in order to have a seamless transition in our hiring process, we begin by properly understanding the needs of the employer, environment, and culture of the company as well as the strengths and weaknesses of our candidates, carefully evaluating both.

Once we have found our perfect job match, by proper interviewing and assessment techniques, we present the offer and we make the OnBoarding process easy using our OnBoarding and HR Management software that allows employers and employees to complete the process in a matter of minutes with a few clicks of a mouse and entering basic information even through their cell phones.

This process allows the employer to be hands off and not commit precious hours to the OnBoarding and HR hiring process. It also allows the employee to know they are not alone, sitting on a island isolated. We want employees to feel welcome and supported, so they can feel secure and thrive in their new position.

We revise your training material and review the material with our candidate prior to your employee starting their employment with you, making sure they have a solid idea of the expectations and how to accomplish them.

We also assist the employer and employee in setting up and accessing software and portals which they will need to access.

For the initial 2 weeks, we will keep daily communication through our HR Professionals with your new employee making sure they are meeting the initial goals that have been set and to continue to support them though the initial hiring process.

Its not magic! Our Hiring process is seamless, because we pay attention to detail, we follow up, we make it easy, and hands off because our staff spends the time and energy to make sure it it seamless and you can plug in an employee, like you plug in a USB device!


Remote Hiring and Management

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Benefits of Remote Staffing

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Business Mobility

Increase Productivity and Efficiency with Virtual Staff


Virtual Staffing

Virtual Staff Management

Virtual Staff Management - Capabilities of your staff


of your staff



People are the most important resource of all. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your staff will allow you to manage your team better and achieve better results, plugging in the people you need, when you need them.


Virtual Staff ManagementVirtual Staff Management  allows debate and open staff communication



Open Staff Communication



Try to analyze a situation from multiple angles. Encourage your team to explore all possibilities, list the most viable options and then select the best one Instigate a healthy debate to explore possibilities.


This creates staff engagement and allows your team to be more invested in the process, results and company.