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Virtual Communication for remote teams

Communication and Task Management


Many wonder, how do I communicate with my employees, how do we strategize and plan, how we understand the specs of the project and maintain a work flow.


There are software and applications referred to by a million different names, that all accomplish the same thing, bringing employers and employees together in a virtual office and allowing them to plan, strategize, and work as a collaborated engaged team.


These applications are referred to as Project Managers, Task Managers, Collaboration Tools, Remote Team Managers, Virtual Office Managers, Employee Tracking, Productivity Trackers and all offer a variety of tools to create projects, segment them to the team and track the progress. These applications range from free for small groups and small businesses to hundreds monthly for your team.


If you know how to use windows applications, you will just need a couple of days to get used to the virtual working format as many of the interfaces of these applications are very user friendly, allowing your team to plug and work!


Whats more amazing is that some of these applications including dear old Skype, have built in translators that allow communication between two people that otherwise would have no idea what the other was saying. Isnt that amazing? How could you in the past communicate with a seller in China directly or a buyer in Italy.


Team Communication tools are many times included in many of these applications, but internal messaging, video conferencing, even Skype make communication easier than ever allowing you to share your screen, control another computer and sharing documents easier and faster than ever, from our desktops to cell phones.


In general Communication with your virtual remote staff is easier than walking down to Sally's cubicle and less expensive than a traditional phone line. Task Management and Collaboration is easier than ever, creating clear expectations that leave a digital footprint and available for all.


Virtual Staffing

Technology Drives Mobility - Mobility Enhances Profits


Silicon Staffing Virtual Assistant is a career for our professionals

Virtual Staff ManagementVirtual Staff Management empowering staff to make decisions


Empowering staff to make decisions.


Be clear about who can make what decision what needs to be vetted by a committee and how quickly decisions are made. If too many people are involved, the risks of falling into an analysis increases. Make sure you have the right people making the best possible decisions at all critical junctures.


Virtual Staffing Management  resources

Empowering staff with the tools for the job.


Identifying the resources required from capital, people, equipment, space, time and anything else needed to get the job done. Without the right resources, a project will fall short.