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Hiring Virtual Staff & Virtual Staff Management


The job hiring process can get confusing we understand. We are here to help you build your career


Employer FAQ



Whats the difference between a contracted hire, direct hire, and virtual assistants?

A contracted hire is a candidate that has been screened and verified, and will take on your project although they will not be on your payroll.

A Direct Hire is a candidate that has been screened and verified, and will be hired by you to be placed on your payroll. This is a traditional W-2 hire in many cases.

A Virtual Assistant is a candidate that will assistant you or your office in a variety ways based upon targeted needs and candidate strengths, Virtual Assistants will be on our payroll.

How long does the hiring process take?

In many cases in depends on you, in regards to Virtual Assistants, in most cases we already have someone in place that is trained and tested in the areas where you need help. This process takes only about 7-10 days before you have a virtual assistant on your team.

In regards to Direct and Contracted hires, we have a large database of highly qualified candidates, we may also seek new candidates for a position as well. Most companies prefer to take a 2-3 weeks in evaluating talent but we can someone ready to go in about 7-10 business days.

What does a screening and verification consist of?

We evaluate each candidate carefully through a step by step process to ensure high quality people are whom we represent. We evaluate resumes, perform an initial interview which is made available to you, conduct a social media scan, social security verification, identification verification, perform an in depth criminal background check, employment verification, reference verification, and once you are ready to make an offer we also present you a financial screening as well.

Do you test candidates?

All Virtual Assistants go through an intense detailed testing and training period covering not only technical aspects but also customer service and communication skills.

In regards to Direct and Contracted hires we allow the companies to detail what they want from a candidate and we tune our testing to meet those demands.

What happens if your candidates quit?

It is very rare for a placed candidate to perform poorly or leave your company hanging. We put candidates through an intense testing and interview process, part of our evaluation is based personality tests, personal, professional goals, and desires. The candidates that are made available to you are highly dedicated professionals.

But in any case, we are your partner, we have a large database of highly qualified candidates to provide you and we will work with you to achieve results.

Do we choose our employee?

Of course, with Direct and Contracted Hires we provide you between 10-12 candidates which have been screened and verified. You can interview those candidates and narrow down your choice.

What if those 10-12 candidates are not what I am looking for?

Not a problem, although rare ! Again we take pride in our candidates, as they are really the best of the best but in a case where you dont find the right person, we will keep looking and present you a new set of candidates to choose from.

Do you provide training for the employees we are bringing on?

With Direct and Contracted hires, we do not provide training but will conduct all new hire tasks.

In regards to Virtual Assistants, we provide you candidates with targeted skill sets which are able to take on your project with a smooth transition. We work directly with our Virtual Assistants to meet client demands and standards.

Can I hire a Virtual Assistant full time on my payroll?

Yes, this will be treated as a direct hire.

What does the candidate profile consist of?

Think of the candidate profile as a career card, almost like a baseball card !


It includes an image of the candidate, cover letter, resume, references, education history, salary expectations, travel/ relocation statues, potential work product examples, audio of initial interview, our notes, and the variety of tests which the candidate has performed and completed, all in one place and easily accessible.