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Benefits of outsourcing are many mainly reduced payroll and larger profits


What are the potential Benefits of Outsourcing?

How do you execute an outsourcing strategy that achieves results?



Thanks to digital advancements, many of your non-core activities can just as easily be taken care of half way across the world as they can from within your own business premises. So as a small to medium business operator, you’re likely to consider the prospect of outsourcing at some time.



Outsourcing isn’t about what you take away from your business, it’s the value you can add:



Cost savings. 


There is no doubt about the cost factor in hiring and maintaining a virtual staff. Job candidates will accept less money, will stay with a company longer reducing turnover, the are more efficient and productive. Without losing any quality in the level of candidate, a company will save any where from $10,000-$20,000 annually per employee on average.




Workers from emerging local economies tend to have a strong work ethic, and friendly, enthusiastic attitudes. For most US based companies located on either coast, can easily save thousands of dollars by making a virtual hire.


A well educated professional remote staff member located in the midwest or other parts of the country where the cost of living is much lower can be the beneficiaries of a virtual job, keeping US companies competitive and maintaining jobs here in the states, without the companies sacrifice of quality.




The flexibility is that you are not committed to a full time 40 hour employee, not on the hook for employee taxes, benefits and the other costs that come with a traditional employee. Hire specialized workers, or as your business demands change. Hire long term, short term, by project, or bring in a variety of specialists that are hired guns.




Free up yourself or your sales team and let them sell instead of doing paperwork. There are many tasks being performed right now by employees which are making $25-$60 an hour that can be performed at a fraction of the cost.



Is outsourcing a viable option for your business?


When making the decision to outsource (and which activities to outsource), you want to consider your business vision, goals, infrastructure and industry.


At Silicon Staffing, we look at several things to decide how outsourcing can save a business time and money. And because we offer local support as part of our service, many of the hurdles associated with managing and dealing with a remote location can be overcome. But there are other aspects that need to be considered:


Maturity of your business. Your current processes, performance measures and reporting requirements. The technology, expertise and skills you required. Any legal, regulatory or management constraints (such as objections by stakeholders)


The process of outsourcing involves detailed analysis of your current practices. Our goal is to identify which opportunities will offer the greatest return for your business at the lowest level of risk. To do this, we explore several questions:


What level of savings is likely?


How would the freed-up resources be redeployed?


Can we increase the flexibility of your business?


Can offshore service providers match or improve your current internal quality levels?


What level of capital spending can be avoided?




We also consider ease of execution:


How easy will it be to migrate to a new environment?


How many employees will be affected?


Do you have stakeholders and how likely are they to agree to the proposed changes





What business processes can be outsourced?


As the industry has evolved and become more streamlined, outsourcing to offshore teams is no longer limited to lower end activities. In countries like the Philippines, we have access to highly educated business specialists such as:


Financial Planners

Certified Public Accountants


Call Center and Contact Center Agents

Personal Assistants

Administration Teams


Executive Assistants

Digital Marketers

Web Developers

Software Developers

Data Entry Specialists

Graphic Designers


In today’s competitive business environment, the demand for increased productivity and reduced costs is higher than ever. Thanks to advancement in digital technology, there are now very few business processes that can’t be outsourced.



The importance of the customer experience


Whether the bulk of your interaction is face-to-face, via telephone, mail or the internet, your relationship with your customers is vital to the success of your business.


On this level, outsourcing customer interaction to a third-party introduces a few challenges.



At Silicon Staffing, we look at two dimensions of customer interaction:


Level of judgment.


How long do your interactions last?


How much information is exchanged?


The more complex the interaction, the greater the level of judgment and the higher the level of risk.



Value of interaction.


How much value do your customers place on their interaction with you?


Do they initiate the interaction?


How essential is your interaction in retaining customers?



This doesn’t mean that the more sensitive customer interactions can’t be considered for outsourcing, but it might suggest beginning with lower level risk interactions and migrating to higher risk interactions at a later stage.



Getting the right advice


Silicon Staffing works with businesses needing teams from as little as 2 staff up to 50. We can discuss your outsourcing needs, whether it’s viable for your business and how it could improve your performance and reduce your costs.




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