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Automated HR OnBoarding Business Application

Silicon Staffing New Hire OnBoarding


These are all the tasks that many Human Resource organizations currently do manually via paper docs or through an online source or even fax.


With this simple to use automated business application.


HR professionals are able to put all of the procedures together in a simple way using a few online forms that create Users (employees) which can access limited information and make requests such as “Time Off” and setup things such as “Direct Deposit”, using basic online forms


OnBoarding Flow


OnBoarding Forms


OnBoarding Pages


Hire With Confidence


Virtual Staffing

Virtual Staff Management

Silicon Staffing Virtual Staff Management.


for your staff


Put authorities under constant review, as what is important today might not be as important tomorrow. Your team must know how the context changes, so you can adjust the plan accordingly


Virtual Staff ManagementVirtual Staff Management Exploration of automation technology



of All Possibilities



This should not be confused with responsibility. Teams can share accountability, but individuals within a team are responsible for getting tasks done.