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Virtual Assistant

Compensation: Salary: Up to $34 an hour (DOE)

Type: Part time Contract

Job Title: Virtual Assistant

Organization Description: Silicon Staffing is a traditional human resources agency that provides business automation solutions through a cloud platform and virtual assistants working remotely from a home or office location.

Silicon Staffing is searching for a wave of virtual assistants that have not only the basic office, internet, and windows based experience but skill sets to offer which allow them to stand out from the crowd and be the solution to a company or small businesses need. Specialized skills such as software or app programming, advanced graphic design, Certified Quickbooks accounting, exceptional marketing or sales ventures working for unique products or services.



Virtual Assistant Process:

Virtual Assistant Silicon StaffingVirtual Assistant We want to make sure that we have the most committed, skilled and best trained professional which we introduce to our client.


Through online testing, screenings, and our daily dialogue we establish relationships with skilled individuals which are highly efficient in the areas which are most relevant to company needs.Silicon Staffing


Virtual Assistant Training & TestingSilicon Staffing The Virtual Assistant process is meant to test, train and help recognize the most skilled individuals in varies areas.

Including a variety of steps which require different skill sets, attention to detail, efficiency & overall resourcefulness.Virtual Assistant