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Environment of Success

Environment of Success


Environment of Success !


We believe an effective work environment begins with a healthy atmosphere when everyone feels as though they are an important piece to the puzzle, as a part of a team working towards the same goal. Employees are motivated by an internal fear of not wanting to let other members of the team down. This keeps employees focused and self motivated, and in a lot of instances self policed.

The team environment itself needs to be a healthy environment where employees are able to make decisions, share ideas, communicate effectively, and have a sense of empowerment and pride in the functions which they perform. This is created by allowing employees to make mistakes without consequence, having an open door policy, and allowing employees to work independently without micro-management but with clear direction and focus. When an employee understands the goal or task and has clear direction, when unanswered questions arise, an employee will feel empowered when making an executive decision based on the direction provided.

Teams also need to be rewarded, with individual awards which recognize the hard work of an individual that sets a goal and standard for others and team awards for success. No team can sustain losing and have a happy locker room, we all want to be apart of the winner. So it is essential that a 'winning tradition' and culture of winning is institute within the frame of the group. The attitude of success should be normality and will self motivate employees and leave no room for slackers or a negative vibe.

Finally employees need to feel secure in their position and in their lives to be at their most effective. Happy people are happy productive employees. Its essential that employees are cheered to enjoy their time off and be provided the resources to enjoy their life outside of the work place. People with great quality of life are smarter, sharper, work harder, and become greater asset to a team.



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